Make your presentation presentable

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Going home with pasalubong!

Hey! I am a bit excited for the plan that we are going to visit my family in Philippines. But still don’t have exact date and we still did not decided when to get ticket. We will gonna wait for a bit and try to check online booking companies and compare prices for the travel. So since we had that plan, I am also checking out presents for my beloved families. It is very normal to give some small tokens when you are not being seen for a long time.

So since I am busy working I am planning to buy online. Kendra Scott jewelry at is a good option! This could be a convenient way to buy and good thing I still have lot of time so I can still wait.

So hope I can buy something for them!

She will gonna miss her work!

Like I mentioned earlier, my sister-in-law is a music teacher and a symphony band director. She loves her job but she is planning to retire this year. She announced her retirement during the Symphony Orchestra Concert few months ago. Her two colleagues had their bands perform a tribute to her. It was very touching. My darling step-daughter was trying to imitate the directors’ hands holding mollard batons as they conduct to their bands. She said she want’s to be like her aunt someday. A band director. Before the concert ended, my sister-in-law received gifts from her band, from her colleagues, and from the school.

It’s hard to leave a job that you really really love. She knows they will miss her and she will miss them so much, too.